Oct, 12 2005


MILITARY GLORY NOVGORODA During many centuries Novgorod conducted quite independent foreign policy. In the beginning its basic purpose was expansion of the state territory. In 13 15 centuries the main task became preservation in inviolability of borders of the Novgorod power and protection of the state independence of the Novgorod republic. To achieve performance of the specified problems to Novgorod it was necessary to conduct wars, to send embassies, to conclude contracts, to enter the union [¦]

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Oct, 13 2005

Summing up it is necessary to tell about several basic things

Summing up, it is necessary to tell about several basic things. First, down to 15 centuries the Novgorod ground was practically independent state with independent culture, the truth not so distinct from all other Russian state. Thus it was very strong state, with many grounds and very huge dependent territories which were for Novgorod practically milk cows .

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Thus in Novgorod was absolutely certain build republic which assumed the Liberty in knjazjah which was expressed in independence of princel [¦]

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The bill of particulars

The bill of particulars the General plan or plot. The formula of charge the Nazi party, as the center of a general plan or plot Use of the nazi control over aggression against the foreign states Aggressive actions against Austria and Czechoslovakia Development of the plan of an attack to Poland: preparation and the beginning of aggressive war March September, 1939th, 1939 Development of war into aggressive war against all world, planning and realization of attacks to Denmark, Norway, Belgi [¦]

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